Chocolate Mummy

This scary chocolate mummy will spook and delight all your friends this fall season!

Chocolate Pumpkin

Simply unwrap to enjoy these delicious festive chocolate pumpkins for the fall season!

Chocolate Turkey

Try these decadent chocolate turkeys this fall season! You’ll want to “gobble” them up!

Chocolate Cat

Try these tasty chocolate cats to add some sweetness to your fall season!

Chocolate Corn Cob

Try these tasty chocolate baby corns this fall season for a tasty harvest treat!

Chocolate Skull

Try these scary chocolate skulls to add some spooky fun to your fall season!

Chocolate Acorns

This solid chocolate acorn will make for a festive and tasty fall season!

Chocolate Bats

Try these spooky scary chocolate bats to add some delicious fear to your fall season!

Chocolate Spiders

The chocolate spiders are the perfect spooky treat your fall season needs!

Chocolate Rats

Have a spooky fall season with this deliciously spooky chocolate rodent!