A Little Sweetness Goes A Long Way For Your Customers

Custom Truffles Slims are small, but can leave a BIG impression.

What’s an easy way to say “you are important and appreciated” to your clients that support you all year?   How about the gift that never gets old, and leaves a lasting sweet impression….chocolate of course!  For as little as $10, you can have custom chocolate gifts sent out to your clients on their birthday, anniversaries, or important dates without hardly lifting a finger!

Just send us a spreadsheet with that information and your company logo, and we can send out custom chocolates and a custom card such as 4pc custom logo box of chocolates, or a small bag of truffle bites for as little as $10  (with shipping included and handling included).  Packages range from $10 per customer to $50.    Just a simple small box of handmade chocolates can really leave a long lasting impression with your customers.  It may seem like marketing 101, but often overlooked by many companies.  Treat your current customers well, and referrals will be flowing in!



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