Dark Cabarnet Chocolate Wine Sauce


This is for you dark chocolate and cabarnet lovers.  Talk about a match made in heaven!  2 year shelf life.


This is a delectable 5oz bottle of chocolate wine sauce with resealable lid.  We use premium chocolate with local Washington wines to create our unique wine sauces.  Sauces are slow cooked over in a copper kettle, so most of the alcohol content is evaporated out  – but the flavor is still there.   A perfect marriage between wine and chocolate.  Perfect for savory cooking as a rub for meats, or just to pour over your favorites desserts such as ice cream, waffles, pancakes, fruit, or whatever your heart desires.  Bottles are 1.687” Dia. x 6.555” Hgt..

Wine sauce bottle comes in 3 flavors total.  Each is made with all natural whole products.

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